Worldwide we drink more than 1.5 Billion cups of coffee a year.

Finland tops the chart with an average 12kg per person per year. Norway and Island come in a close second and third.

So, the question needs to be asked? Is coffee Harmful?

In this article, I will explain about full health benefits of coffee step by step. These benefits are included in a lot of researches.

This article was split into four parts

  • What is coffee?
  • Is coffee good for health?
  • Benefits of coffee
  • Conclusion

What is Coffee?

Coffee is the one of the most popular drink in the world. Coffee is actually cherry. These cherry are grown from a tree or a shrub.

Mostly coffee is grown from tropical climates such as between the Capricorn and tropics of cancer and higher altitudes.

There are different ways of processing for making a coffee that you can drink at home.

First, pick the cherry from the tree when its changed the nice red color. But inside of seeds have a lot of sticky coating.

So people will ferment for a longer period of time and finally, it was removed. Then the coffee was drying and sent off the stores or cafe for a making delicious coffee.

Is Coffee good for health?

Coffee contains antioxidants. Antioxidants may protect cells in your body from free radical damage.

Most coffee drinkers are interested in the addictive stimulant caffeine. It works by the stimulating brain activity and central nervous system.

Caffeine helps to prevent tiredness and stay alert in our body.

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Benefits Of Coffee

A cup of coffee contains a lot of advantages. These advantages make you happy in your daily life.

Coffee contains good nutrients

Coffee Contains a good amount of nutrients which helps essential growth and life maintenance.

  1. Riboflavin [11% of the RDA]
  2. Potassium [3% of the RDA]
  3. Manganese [3% of the RDA]
  4. Magnesium [2% of the RDA]
  5. Pantothenic Acid [6% of the RDA]
  6. Niacin [2% of RDA]

RDA-Recommended Dietary Allowance

{The daily intake of particular nutrients to maintain good health condition}

Coffee Nutrients

Coffee improves your memory performance

According to research coffee is the one of the most energy drink and its help to boost your brain activities and make good concentration power.

When your brain is wake up, the chemical adenosine slowly accumulates and slow down the brain activity. The more adenosine is caused for more brian tiredness.

But conversely, while you sleep the adenosine declines gradually promoting wakefulness. In this case caffeine form in like adenosine structure and moves into the brain through blood and it starts to compete for the adenosine chemical.

This is not actually adenosine, the sleepiness effect isn’t felt.

Benefits of coffee for skin

UV  Carcinogens is caused for the skin cancer. But caffeine may protect your skin against the UV Carcinogens.

Coffee plays an important role in regulating cell regrowth and its leading to increased skin elasticity and collagen in our body.

Because of its quality make your skin smooth and bright.

Coffee helps you lose weight

You know why our body fat increases day by day. The reason is our body has a small amount of hormone leptin.

This is caused to our body can store the fat and increase the weight. But coffee increases the hormone level to our body.

This hormone is helping temporarily suppress your appetite and may stimulate minimal calorie burning.

Most of the coffee drinkers take longer to gain weight. However, caffeine also gives the boost up energy during exercise.

Coffee Helps Lose Weight

Benefits of coffee for students

The combination of coffee and sugar[Glucose] is the best way to activate your brain.

These combinations will stimulate to the central nervous system and it will also release the adrenaline.

In this case your blood pressure rise in normal ways, heartbeat well improves and the sugar was also released into the bloodstream for extra energy.

It also helps us improve attention and concentration. Coffee relief headache also.

Caffeine is the great source of antioxidants

Caffeine contains a lot of antioxidants compounds. It protects your important cell structure like proteins and DNA.

Here how its work?

Basically, our body cells attacked constantly by the reactive molecules called “Free Radicals”.These molecules are damage proteins and DNA using the help of unpaired electrons.

But antioxidants have the electrons and its donate to these molecules and disarming it.

How Do Andioxidant Works at Coffee

Benefits of coffee for hair

Every woman like their hair smooth and silky. But sometimes it does not happen, because of the hair loss.

But caffeine finds the roots which are caused by hair loss and its help to stimulate the hair growth. Coffee is also used for the hair mask.

Take a tablespoon of honey and olive oil and then mixed with the two teaspoons of coffee powder and make a paste.

Apply to over hair and wait for half an hour then rinse it off. After some process, it will help for hair smooth and silky and it also may help to stop the shedding.

Coffee makes your Immune system stronger

The presence of nutrients and phenolic compounds may help cancer prevention.

Coffee increases your Immune system stronger and healthier.

For Parkinson’s Disease, research suggests that among other factors the potential preventative effect may be due to caffeine too.

Coffee and Alzheimer’s

Alzheimer’s is a type of dementia and its caused for memory problems and thinking problems. This dementia affected more than 65-year-old people.

So, here the question of how its affected?

The reason is Beta-Amyloid. These Beta-Amyloid builds up in the brain and it forms deposits or plaque on the brain tissue.

It is mainly caused by brain cell death. In this case, caffeine has been shown to block Amyloid naturally.

Coffee prevent Alzheimer's

Coffee protects Heart and Liver

Recently the Korean Researchers found coffee may protect your heart against heart diseases.

They found that people had less “Calcified” arteries when they drank three cups of coffee each day. It means fewer calcium deposits on the aortic valve in their heart.

But drink more than three cups of coffee each day, sometimes it affected heart health.

Coffee also protects your liver against cirrhosis. Cirrhosis helps Immune Disorders, fatty liver diseases and hepatitis infection and its kill more than one million people worldwide every year.

Dr.Oliver Kennedy said people who drank additional two cups of coffee in each day was linked to a 44% lower risk of developing liver cirrhosis.

Coffee may help Blood vessels

Caffeine improves your blood pressure and also improved vessels inner lining function.

The new study claimed, If you are drinking a cup of caffeinated coffee, it will help small blood vessels work better, warding off Cardiovascular Disease.

Coffee can reduce Type 2 Diabetes

Researchers Publish the report in World Diabetes Day(November 14), Coffee can reduce your Type 2 Diabetes.

While the exact mechanism not known, but an antioxidant(Chlorogenic Acid) and magnesium’s influence on metabolic pathways, glucose metabolism’s and inflammation may play a role.

People who drank 3 to 4 cups coffee a day were 25% less likely to develop diabetes compared to people who drank 2 cups of coffee a day.

Also said 50% less diabetes develops people who drank 7 cups of coffee a day.

Before taking the heavy amount of coffee to ask your doctor about drink 7 cups of a day.

Coffee Reduced Diabetes Risk

Coffee makes stronger DNA

The daily consumption of coffee can reduce the DNA breaks and makes it stronger and healthy human.

DNA damage response may offer a therapeutic option for Non-Melanoma skin cancer.

Coffee relives Headache and Stress

Caffeine increases the strength of the medication when caffeine is combined with Aspirin and Acetaminophen, it makes work at fast and better and also remove the pain for a longer time.

Caffeine may act as headache remedies.

Benefits of coffee infograpics


Coffee not only have benefits. It also has some disadvantages such as Insomnia, Indigestion, Allergies and etc.,

But I recommended for you to drink 1 or 2 cups of coffee daily. It is safe for health.

I hoped you enjoyed this health benefits of the coffee article.

Now I want to hear from you:

Which benefits from this article most useful to you?

Is coffee helps weight loss? or Its help improves performance?

Let me know by leaving a quick comment.


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2 thoughts on “14 Proven Health Benefits Of Coffee 2018 [Research Based]”

  1. Hello, that was some nice piece of information.

    Coffee has become a lifesaver nowadays ( for morning boosters I would say). I would like to know a thing, I have heard that excess of coffee could lead to cancer. I want to how much of this is it true?

    Thanks in advance. Keep writing!

    1. Hi Addams,
      The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), a group of international cancer experts convened by the World Health Organisation, has just concluded that there’s no strong evidence that coffee increases your chances of cancer.
      But there may also be some other good news for those of us who are coffee drinkers: there’s also some emerging evidence that coffee could in fact reduce the risk of certain cancers.
      The exact mechanism behind how coffee may reduce the risk of cancer is unclear, and there are several different theories. There’s some evidence that chemicals in coffee may be able to improve insulin sensitivity and prevent long-term (chronic) inflammation – both things thought to be involved in the development of cancer.
      Personally I suggest, if you already drink coffee regularly, then the reassuring news is that you’re probably not increaseing your risk of cancer (although, watch the calories if you’re worried: swap to reduced fat milk and ditch the sugar. And no, sweeteners don’t increase cancer risk, despite what you may have heard.)
      And if you don’t drink coffee already? We wouldn’t suggest this news means you need to start. The evidence is still uncertain, and if subsequent research does reveal an effect, it’s probably small – much smaller than any positive benefits gained from the important things, like keeping a healthy weight or cutting down on the amount of alcohol you drink.

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