Hi there, I’m Harish!

I’m a 22-year-old young man, that is loving every minute of being a youngster. I still happy to write the useful blog for helping purpose, I live in India and I hold a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration from Anna University.

Why a blog?

I created this blog for one reason: to help people learn about the all health-related query the right way. Plain and simple. This blog is very helpful for people who want to know about the healthy foods right now. When I was google search about coffee, the top rank blogs are not properly given my expecting answers. So I create this blog for only helping purpose and to solve all health food topics easy and simple way.

My “Aha!” Moment

During my first three years of blogging, I spent an embarrassing amount of time, effort, and money on trying to figure everything out. But in the end, I knew there had to be an easier way. That’s when I had my “Aha!” moment and created this blog. weandcoffee.com is an all-inclusive site that will take the guesswork out of starting a blog.

So, why listen to me?

Good question. Let’s get the boring credentials out of the way, shall we? Well, for starters, I have around 4years experience in Teaching, Sharing useful content, and working in the higher education sector.

Blogging is my business.

Professionally, I’m a Blogger. I’ve founded multiple online businesses, I love teaching, and I have a passion to learn something new. Because of this passion, I began building more useful websites like Yoga, Meditation and more. When I’m creating a new website and my goal is to help other people get the good and benefits news in their daily life.

The mission of this blog

To help people know full of all Healthy foods, Advantages, Disadvantages, how much they want in daily activities. My hope for this blog is that people will use this information to clarify all health-related queries.

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